Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tiddy's Top Ten from 2011

Hi Everyone,

Here it is, my Super Duper Fanteddytastic New Year Blog!!!

I've noticed lots of 'Top Ten' this and that shows on the telly, and loads of 'Best of 2011'. So, I've decided to do one of my own.

I think there should be more teddies on the telly. Mr. Philip Schofield was on a lot this year and he was in a broom cupboard until 'Gordon The Gopher' made him famous.

Anyway, until I get on the telly, I've always got The Blog, so here goes...


10. St David's Day Sign Climb!

9. Caerphilly Castle Climb!

8. On The Top of Hadrian's Wall!

7. I Love Fire Engines & Weddings!

6. Heading up on Tower Bridge

5. In The Lion's Mouth at Trafalgar Square

4. It's a London Bus!

3. Lion Climbing In Hangzhou China

2. Up The Chimney!

Over The Top!

1. Sunny Santa

I love climbing so much, so here's one or two more that didn't get in the Top Ten ...

Bargoed Mountain

Caerphilly Castle
Morecambe Bay

Bargoed Post Office


Bernie Riviere, France

Houses of Parliament
Tiddy's Column

Pierrefond (Merlins) Castle Gates

Cool Statue at Pierrefond Castle, France

Street Sign in Hangzhou China

Rock Climbing at The West Lake China
Hanging around in Hanzhou City Centre

Up on the Roof in Sunny Spain

On top of the Pool Shower at Le Torre Golf.

Just Hanging Around at The Villa.

Well, 2011 is almost over, and it's been a very exciting year for Charlie and me. We've been to France, Scotland, London, China and loads of other utterly fanteddytastic  places. We've just spent Christmas in Sunny Spain and we're travelling in Europe for another five months. I'm sure we're going to have more exciting things to see in 2012 and a few things to climb too. Hope your New Year is full of loads of good stuff and, don't forget, if something gets in your way, CLIMB IT!

Happy New Year,

Tiddy x

Tiddy's Puzzle Plan

Hi Everyone,

It's nearly 2012, so I'll be back later with my Super Duper New Year Blog. First, I wanted to show you what I've been doing over Christmas, in between buying things, eating things and climbing things.

I did this puzzle without any help from Charlie. She said it's because it's a football one and she isn't into football, but I think she's being nice to me, cos I've wanted to try to do one without Charlie helping me for ages.

Mr.P always says that, whatever the picture, and however many pieces there are, you can do it, if you follow the plan. So, I'm going to show you our puzzle plan for doing puzzles!

1. Find the corners. (2 flat sides)

 Mr.P says that, as long as the puzzle has only 4 sides, it will only have 4 corners, even if it was a million piece puzzle. The more pieces there are the longer it takes to find them.

2. Find the edge pieces (1 flat side)

The more pieces in the puzzle, the bigger it will be, so the more edge bits there are, but they've all got a flat side. That makes them easier to find.

3. Put the corners in the corners... 

4.  Join them together using the flat sided edge bits.

Sometimes I'm lucky, and I find some bits that belong together, when I'm searching for the flat edge bits. If I do, I put them together. Can you see the ones behind me in the picture above?

5. Look for the bits of picture that match the flat edge bits and put them in place.

Don't forget you can join other bits together if you're lucky. I was very lucky. Can you see all the extra bits I've done?

6.Keep going til you get to the last piece.

I think puzzles are fun and, like everything in life, it's a lot easier with a plan, and Mr.P's super duper 'Jumbo' puzzle case!

I hope you liked my puzzle plan, cos I think it's very clever and it works every time.

Now I've got to put my puzzle away, so we can do another one, but I'll be back this evening with my Absolutely Fanteddytastic New Year Blog.


Tiddy x

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Stuff they grow in Spain.

Hi Everyone,

hope you had a happy Christmas like me and Charlie. We've had lots to eat and I thought it would be fun to tell you about the stuff they grow in Spain.

Today, I want to tell you about something I didn't know they grew until Mr.J and Mrs.H took us out on Mr.P's birthday.

They took us to a place called Calasparra and we saw loads of fun things that I told you about, but Calasparra is famous for growing something I like to eat a lot.

All the fields in the valley behind Charlie and me in the pictures are where they grow this stuff. Can you guess what it is?

I'll give you a clue. Mrs.C made a pudding with some yesterday and today she made some to go with the curry.

Have you got it? Here's one last clue. I thought I'd see it growing when I went to China, but it was a surprise to find it here.

That's right, it's Calasparra Rice! The Spanish people love rice, their favourite meal is called Paella. I think my favourite is Rice Pudding!

Off to work on my New Year Blog, it's going to be FANTEDDYTASTIC!!!

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas on the Beach!

Hi Everyone,

I'm back and I hope you're all having a fanteddytastic Christmas Day.

We went to the beach this afternoon. Mrs.C and Mr.P wanted to walk on the sea shore, but Charlie and me like going on the rocks.

Charlie found a comfy shaped rock to sit in the sun, but I went climbing.

I love Christmas climbing in my Super Santa climbing suit, so after the rocks I climbed a palm tree!

I could see for miles from the top of the tree.

I had a wonderful time climbing, but we had to go home for our Christmas Pudding Tea. On the way home Mr.P saw something really cool and Mrs.C stopped the car for me to have one last Christmas climb.

It was a real proper train with wheels and tracks and everything. Wow I was so excited. This has been a brilliant Christmas day.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x