Sunday, 27 November 2011

We are off to Sunny Spain!

Hi Everyone,

we're on our travels again. Can you see Charlie and me holding the car door open to help Mr. P load the cases. We do like helping.

 We drove all the way to a place called Portsmouth, where the ferries sail to Spain.

It was so exciting, waiting to drive onto the ship! There were loads of people going on holidays.

When we got to our cabin, it was really, really nice and the captain had sent Charlie and me a present.

We had 2 windows in our cabin and we could see loads cos we were in the front of the ship. I climbed onto the one window sill and held very tight when the ship went up and down over the waves.

Can you see the HUGE wave out the window?

Charlie climbed onto the other window to watch the sun rise when we were passing France.

 I think it looks absolutely fanteddytastic!
Do you?

We slept on the ship for 2 nights and each morning, the very nice captain sent a lovely breakfast for us. He even sent me a free Times News Paper. How posh is that!

We were on the Ship a long time, so Mrs.C brought a Super Duper puzzle for us to do. It was an absolutely brilliant jigsaw in the shape of a ship!

We had such a good time sailing across the sea. It was the best way to start our new adventure.

I'll be back soon to tell you more.


Tiddy x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Why we went to China!

Charlie here!

Finally, I have got chance to tell you why we went to China. It was for a wedding!

 Before the wedding, there were lots of very noisy fireworks. It was a bit scary. Can you see the smoke coming from the box with the fireworks in?

Then, the car arrived to pick up the bride and groom. Can you see the bride and groom dolls on the front of the car? The flowers were beautiful!  I wish I could go for a ride in a pretty car like that.

Then we went for lunch in a real Chinese restaurant. The food was delicious, but I didnt eat much, as I couldn't pick up the food with my chopsticks. It's very difficult to use chopsticks, as I don't have fingers.

After our meal, the car with the bride and groom passed us, and a mini bus came to pick us all up.

Our next stop was a ride on this fantastic boat. Tiddy and I sat upstairs, as we could see more things from high up.

Here is a stunning photo of the bride and groom. Don't they look great?

There were two photographers taking pictures. A photographer is someone who takes photos as their job. They had huge cameras.

This is my favourite photo. You can see our hotel and the city of Hangzhou behind. The bride's bouquet was in very pretty colours.

The boat took us to an island, where we all walked around. It was very tiring, so we all had a nice sit down by the lake. 

In the evening, the main wedding happened. It was so much fun. There was music, games and soppy bits, where the bride and groom kissed. That made me a bit shy, so I giggled.

Tiddy loved the bubbles. He wanted to pop them all, but I told him he had to sit quietly instead. He did manage to pop a bubble that floated by our table.

During the wedding, Mr P won a cute teddy. Our family is getting bigger all the time!

Later in the evening, the bride changed her dress. She looked just like a princess. Here is Gramma P having her photo taken with the bride and groom at the end of the wedding. It was a wonderful day, and worth the long journey to get there.

Charlie x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Some Fanteddytastic China Pic's

Hi Everyone,

I didn't show you this utterly brilliant climbing picture of me on a horse statue in my last blog, so I thought I'd slip it in as the 1st Fanteddytastic China Picture...

And I think Charlie told you about the kites we saw, but look at this cool picture of a Chinese man running with a massive one...

And now for something new. Here's Fanteddytastic China Picture number 3. It's Charlie and me on a super cool Recycle Bin!

The next one's are of me, sort of climbing again, but only because I found two, and they were too good not to climb on twice...

You should see what I found next. It was like the Hangzhou version of Picadilly Circus, but with better pictures...

 I had to climb up on a gate to get a good look at the pictures changing on the bendy bit of the building. The work man from China
behind the gate thought it was very funny to see a Tiddy Teddy climbing and he laughed a lot. I like making people happy. Can you see the picture has changed on the bendy bit? It was so brilliant!

  There were loads of absolutely incredible buildings, even without having magic pictures on them. This is a picture of one of the very tall one's in Hangzhou. Can you see the super cool Chinese words on it?
This is the picture of another really lovely building. It's called the Chinese Overseas Hotel and it's where we stayed...

Can you see the nice man in a white jacket and hat? He was a very nice man who used to say 'Nee How' every time we went in and out. That's Chinese words for 'Hello'. He also carried all our cases on a golden trolley to our room when we arrived. If you look really carefull you can see a bit of his golden trolley sticking out behind the wall and plant.

There was loads of traffic and the roads were really crazy to cross, but I loved looking at all the busses and bikes, especially the bikes!

Across the road from our Hotel was a masive lake called The West Lake. It looked amazing and there were loads of boats on it.


Charlie and me had our pictures took by some of them...

And I decided to try and 'cast off' all by myself, but I was too small...

Then we saw the best boat ever in the world! It was a Dragon Boat...

The only thing that looked better than the Dragon Boat in the day time was the Dragon Boat in the dark!!!

We saw loads of brilliant things, because China is a brilliantly fanteddytastic place, but all the walking and climbing and looking made us very tired. So 'Mrs C' said she'd carry us back to the hotel, cos 'Mr P' was older than her and needed a rest.

Wow that was a long blog, but China is such a brill place I can't stop remembering loads of cool stuff.

Well got to stop now cos Charlie wants to play Rummikub on Face Book.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x