Monday, 30 April 2012

Chocolate tea!

Charlie here!
Do you remeber that we went to a Medieval Market? Here's a photo of me with all the pretty flags. There were so many things to buy. I spent nearly all my pocket money!

I wanted to buy Tiddy a present. He loves chocolate, so I looked for some special chocolate for him. I found lots of bars of hand made chocolate, but I wanted something even more special, as Tiddy is a very special bear.

We saw these donkeys, and Tiddy wanted to have a ride. So, while he was standing in the queue, I snook off in search of Tiddy's special gift. The queue wasn't very long, so I had to be quick. Mr P stayed with Tiddy, but Mr P didn't have a donkey ride. Mrs C came with me, incase I couldn't reach the counter.

Look what I found! A stall selling lots of different types of tea. I read all the names, and found CHOCOLATE TEA!

Because we are in Spain, the label said TE CHOCOLATE, but I knew right away that it was chocolate tea. I had found something special for Tiddy!

I asked the man for a bag of chocolate tea in Spanish, because I have learned to speak a bit of Spanish. Can you see him filling the bag? I paid the man, and said, 'Gracias.' That's Spanish for 'Thank you.' I was excited, because I knew Tiddy would love his present.

Tiddy said he thought the chocolate tea was fantiddytastic, one of his favorite words! He has used lots of it. I like giving presents. It makes me feel happy inside.

Charlie x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Late Night by The Pool

Hi Everyone,

I know I've told you about our fanteddytastic pool, but did I mention that it's got lights!

Now you know I love late nights. Well, it's so nice and hot in Sunny Spain that even the nights are warm. So, the other night, Mrs.C lit some candles and we all went out to play by the pool.

We had a fab fun time and Mrs.C let us play pirates on her super duper floaty thing.

I was really tired when we came in cos it was sooooo late!

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Great Graffiti

Hi Everyone,

just wanted to show you some great graffiti we saw in San Pedro del Pinatar.

I think it was a very clever idea to get someone to paint pretty pictures on the walls around the car park.

There's lots of bad graffiti in Spain where naughty people draw on other peoples houses. I don't like bad graffiti, but good graffiti can be fanteddytastic.

Mr.P says that there's a man called Mr.Banksy who is very famous for doing graffiti. Some of his graffiti has been sold in auctions and people pay thousands of pounds for it.

Well I don't have thousands of pounds, but the good thing about graffiti is it's free to look at.

I've liked graffiti ever since we saw this one in France.

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tiddy Finds a Boat!

Hi Everybody,

Just had to tell you about the super cool boat I found when we were out for a bike ride.

We were going around the bridge into Los Alcazares, cos it's too steep for Mr.P to pedal over! When we got through the tunnel, we could see loads of rubbish that naughty people had dumped.

It was very sad to see so much junk in the lovely countryside, but I decided to have a look if there was anything I could recycle. That's nothing to do with bikes, it means use again.

Can you see me climbing over the rubbish?

I had great fun rummaging about, trying to find something useful to take home with me.

Then I got very 'exciteded' when I found an upside down boat!

Mr.P helped me get an old mattress off the boat and tip it up the right way.

Mrs.C said we couldn't take it home cos it was too big.

It was a bit sad leaving it there, but I had a fanteddytastic time playing on it.

Then, I went searching for something smaller to take home and recycle.

Can you guess what I found?

Very pretty tiles! Loads of them were broken, but I found one whole one. Mr.P said I could keep it. He said I was a proper little Womble. I'm not sure what a Womble is, but he drove Mrs.C mad singing, 'Remember you're a Womble!' all the way home. He's a very funny man.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x (The Womble)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tiddy goes to Market!

Hi Everyone,

Los Alcazares is my most favourite place in Murcia. Last week it was super special, cos they had a Medieval Market.

Mr.P said medieval is another word for The Middle Ages. That's like all our history for a 1000 years from the 500's til the 1500's. That's why all the people were dressed in funny old clothes.

I think Mr.P knows a lot about it cos I heard Mrs.C saying he's Middle Aged. Gosh! I'm not very good at numbers but I think that means he's over 600 years old! Wow! No wonder he can't pedal as fast as Mrs.C. but he did get us to the market.

These people are crazy street performing doctors who go around making whacky potions.

They looked very funny, but the best thing was all the stuff on the back of their cart.

Charlie said they were yucky, but I think they are sooooooooo coooooooool.

There was loads of food there and you could smell it cooking all around the town.


One man had a big oven with a real fire in the bottom.

He chopped wood to go on the fire and then cooked bread in it.

It smelt Yummy. Mmmm..

There were loads of great things like donkeys,

and geese.

We even saw some chickens living in a shop that was selling Telly's, Fridges, Cookers and stuff like that. Honest!

Well I'd better stop now cos this is the longest blog ever.

Charlie will be blogging soon to tell you about her shopping. Can you guess what she bought from the Medieval Man in the Market?

Bye for now,

Tiddy x

Friday, 13 April 2012

Charlie here!
We have been to lots of parades, all very different. I am going to tell you about 2 parades that were very different!
The first parade was quite solemn and serious. The people in the parades were dressed in dark colours and lots of them had cone shaped hats on. It made them look very tall. The drums sounded quite slow and serious.

There were some ladies dressed in black with pretty lace hats on. The crowd watching were very quiet.

I think the lace was fabulous. I would have liked to have worn a hat like that for the parade. I don't think my pink fur would have been the right colour for the parade though. All the colours were dark or black. 


a few days later, the parade was very different! These are the Roman soldiers. Can you see the bags in their hands? They were full of SWEETS!
They were throwing the sweets to the crowd as a celebration!  Can you see some sweets by the soldiers feet?

There were sweets everywhere and lots of children had brought bags to collect them in. Tiddy and I got lots of sweets. We had to run around collecting them as they were thrown. It was great fun!
The people who were wearing hats a few days earlier had filled their hats with sweets and were throwing them to the crowd. I have never seen so many sweets. Tiddy wanted to join the parade and throw the sweets he had found, but I said he might get trodden on, as he is quite small and everyone was dancing about having fun.

Look at all the flowers. They were so pretty and smelled lovely. Everywhere you looked , there was something pretty and happy!

Look! The ladies who were wearing the black lace are wearing white lace now. Dont they look great? They looked very Spanish. 

There were two beautiful white horses pulling this Roman chariot. Tiddy shouted, 'Horray!' really loudly as they passed by. They were his favourite bit... after the sweets. He's such a funny bear.

I thought these girls looked like Little Red Riding Hood in their velvet capes and white gloves. They were throwing sweets too.

Here are the men carrying a very heavy statue. They looked very tired, as it was a hot day and they had walked a very long way.
Here we are, back at the church square. If you look carefully, you can see a lady behind me enjoying churros.

Phew! That was a long blog! We have soooo many pictures to show you. Tiddy will be back soon, as he has some really exciting things to show you.

Charlie x