Saturday, 28 July 2012

Living on a Beach!

Hi Everyone,

I want to tell you about the first place we went to, when we crossed the border from Spanish Spain to French France.

The place was called Portiragnes Plage. Now, that's not an easy word to say, but I know the end bit, Plage, is the French talking for Beach! I love beaches and we were staying on one!

This was our view of the sea when we came out of the holiday park. There was a Churros Shop by the beach gate. Sea, sand and churros, now that's a Tiddy dream place.

Then, it got even better, cos there were loads and loads of shiny shells for us to collect.

It was fanteddytastic, having a brilliant beach right outside our door. I'll be back soon to tell you about 2 other very special things that were near us in Portiragnes Plage.

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Friday, 27 July 2012

Stuff on the Beach!

Hi Everyone,

I'm back to you tell what we saw on our bike trip along the beach from Cambrills to Salou. The first thing we found was some statues. Mr.P said they were modern art, which I think is cool, cos they looked really wacky.

 Can you see me looking through the hole?

Charlie liked the fish, but our favourite statue was of a little boy sitting on a wall.

Can you see our bikes and the super duper boats?

This was the best boat and it was for sale!

Mrs.C likes boats. I hope Mr.P buys her this one, cos we had to leave the one I found on the dump at Los Alcazares.

I really, really liked my boat, but it wouldn't fit in the car.

We hadn't found the best thing yet, so we kept going. It was a very long way from Cambrills to Salou. Can you see the slide on the beach? 

Well, that's not the best thing we found either.

The absolutely bestest thing ever to find at the sea side was............ DIGGERS!

Not 1 Digger, Not 2 Diggers, but 3, that's right 3 TRACTORS and DIGGERS!!!

Can you see me on the big tractor wheel?

They were sooooo cooooool and definitely the bestest ever thing I've ever found at the sea side.

Charlie said to tell you that she thought the diggers were very nice, but her favourite thing was the big fountain in Salou.

It was a very nice fountain and I did have fun trying to stand funny, like the man on the sign.

 But my most best thing was still the diggers!

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cambrils Park is Coooooooool

Hi Everyone,

I want to tell you about a brilliant place we stayed at called Cambrils Park, in Sunny Spain. We lived in a house made of wood with dead grass on the roof.

It was a fanteddytastic place for climbing and I had a great time sliding down the roof.

Charlie liked the outside table, where we could sit and have our meals and she liked lying in the sunshine.

Mrs. C took her spinning wheel with her, so she could make yarn for her and Charlie to do knitting. Can you see it in these pictures I took of Charlie?

It was a brilliant house thing 

and the carvings were realy super coooooool.


But my favourite thing was the utterly cooool, fanteddy brilliantastic pools!

They had loads of cool pools with one of the best slides ever.

It was a dragon slide and there was a whole family of elephants that squirted water!

Charlie wants me to tell you that there were lots of pretty flowers there too.

I liked the trees more than the flowers, cos I could climb them and they looked a bit spooooky in the night.

We had a brilliant time in Cambrils Park and if you ever go there it's only down the road from Port Aventura. We didn't go there, but we could see the roller coasters. They looked super scary!

Well, I have to go now, but I'll be back soon to show you what I found on Cambril's Beach!

Back soon,

Tiddy x 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pretty Posh Passports!

Hi Everyone,

last time I told you about the naughty men who robbed us outside Mc Donalds in Spain. Well, the next day, we had to go to the police station in Cambrils. The police men were very nice, but they didn't like people taking photo's in the police station, so we didn't. We did get a nice one of some Cambril houses in a very narrow street though.

We were very lucky, cos a kind man who could talk Spanish and English words helped Mr.P to talk to the police men. We were there for four hours, getting the tyre fixed and waiting for the police men to do things. It was a long day and a bit boring, cos no one asked me anything. Mr.P said that he checked and they didn't take statements off Teddies. Well, I think that's silly as only the Teddies saw what happened, cos all the people were talking!

Anyway, he said we were going somewhere special the next day. We had to go to The British Consulate in Barcelona to get new passports. This sounded like a really cool place and we were very exciteded. It took about 2 hours to get there and the roads were sooooooo busy! Can you see the Barcelona City Taxis?

They had red busses. Can you see the one in the picture? It has BARCELONA TOUR writen on the side. They were very nice, but they weren't as cool as the ones in London.

They had some very beautiful buildings in Barcelona that Charlie liked.

They had some very tall ones that I liked too!

I was soooooo happy when we found the building we were looking for. It was a really tall one and we had to go up to the 13th floor!

We had a brilliant time. It was soooooo exciting with all the guards searching everyone and puting our bags through an xray machine.

They even gave us identity passes before we could go in the lifts. I took a picture of them before we left. It's not very good cos I was rushing before the man took them off us.

Anyway, what you can only see a bit of in the picture is our absolutely brilliant pretty posh passports. We felt sooooooo special, cos our passports were cream and gold, not red like ordinary ones.

I felt like James Bond and Charlie said she felt like the Queen with our pretty posh passports.

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Charlie here!

Tiddy has been telling you about our huge trip back to the UK, but I thought I'd tell you about something we did in Spain.

Do you remember we told you about our friend Mrs H? Well, we liked her very much, and so decided to make her a presant before we left. So, I got my knitting needles out and bought some pink yarn. Here's a photo of me busy knitting.

It took me a long time to knit our special surprise. Tiddy offered to help me, as he's very kind like that. 

Well, things didn't go very well. He got himself a bit tied up in the yarn. It took Mrs C ages to get him untied and get all the knots out of the yarn.  I think he's better at climbing than knitting, although his knitting makes me giggle!

After I had finished knitting, it was time to do a bit of sewing. I decided not to let Tiddy help out this time. I was a bit worried that he would sew the knitting to himself. That wouldn't have been a good thing, so he just watched and ran around a bit while I sewed.

It is very difficult for me to sew, as I don't have very big fingers. It took a long time, but I got it finished in the end.

Can you guess what I was making? It was a miniature Tiddy. We called her Tidette and Mrs H said that she was very pretty. I like knitting gifts for people, and it made me very happy that Mrs H liked her presant.

Bye for now.

Charlie x