Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tiddy's jolly day!

Charlie here!

Tiddy said he was in a Jolly mood yesterday and asked me to knit him a jolly cardigan. So I let him look at my special yarn cupboard to pick out some jolly colours. He had lots of fun!

He chose a very bright orange and green yarn. They certainly were jolly colours. Somehow, Tiddy accidentally got some yarn on his head. It made me laugh, as it looked like a wig, hee hee.

That gave Tiddy the idea to see what he would look like with hair. Here he is with red, glittery hair.

And here he is with long, multi coloured hair. We both were giggling so much, it was hard to take a photo. I think I prefer Tiddy with no hair!

Here's a photo of Tiddy in his Jolly cardigan. I think he looks very smart. He says he wanted to stand out in his jolly mood. So he was very happy with it!

Tiddy wanted to see if he would really stand out in his jolly cardigan. Here's an easy one first, to see if you can spot him. I think it was very easy to see him.

Here's another easy one. I think you will be able to see him. Next, it will get a bit harder to spot him.....

See? It is a bit harder, but I think you'll still be able to see him. He's behind the apple tree.

Here's a really hard one. You can just see his arm. I think he is still doing a good job of standing out in his jolly mood.

Last one! Can you see Tiddy? No? Hee hee. It was a joke photo. Tiddy isn't really there! 

I hope you enjoyed Tiddy's photos. I hope you have a jolly day too!

Charlie x