Sunday, 7 December 2014

A donut ate me!!!

Tiddy here!

When we were in Cardiff, I met a giant donut. He tried to eat me!! Honest! Here's a pic of me before I escaped. Hee hee. He wasn't real, so don't worry. The world is full of such great things!

Tiddy x

Cardiff Christmas market

Tiddy here!

We just got back from the most Tiddytastic trip to Cardiff!

 Charlie wanted her photo taken by the pretty shops with the decorations on.
Look at the cow and candy canes on top of this roof! If you look carefully, you will see Santa sneaking down a chimney!

 I was a bit tired, so I decided to have a sit on the lap of this polar bear. I wasn't scared though, as he wasn't real....I hope!
After my rest, I joined in with the snowmen all climbing up to make a tower. The polar bear wanted to join in, but he was a bit too heavy for us all to hold!

The Hayes Island Snack Bar looked the best, with Santa, two Christmas trees and loads of tinsel.

I'll be back soon to tell you how I got eaten by a donut!

Tiddy x

Monday, 1 December 2014

The reindeer are in town!

Charlie here!

On Saturday, Tiddy and I heard that there were reindeers in town, so we set off to find them.

Tiddy saw this sign, so we knew we were on the right track. We were so excited. Would we see Rudolph? 

Further along the street, we saw a Punch and Judy show. It was very funny, but there were no reindeers there.

Just around the corner, we saw Santa!!!! He told us that there were reindeers in town, but Rudolph was at home polishing his nose ready for Christmas Eve. So, they really were here, but where?

It wasn't long before we found them! There were two super cute reindeer. Tiddy liked the white one best. I liked the brown one, as she had lots of pretty shades of brown. Can you see the fur on the antlers?

Charlie x