Monday, 28 February 2011

I can't wait........

....till tomorrow!

The 1st of March is a very special day in Wales. 

My knitting.
I'll tell you more tomorrow, but today, I want to give you a sneak peek at something I have been making for the big day.

I love making things!
I have been busy knitting and sewing. Can you guess what I have been making? Come back tomorrow and you'll see what it is all about!

Charlie x

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pretty things.

Hello everybody. Charlie this time :o)

Pretty snowdrops.
I looked out of the window on this beautiful sunny day, and spotted these snowdrops in our garden. They are the same colour as my heart!
The proper name for snowdrops is Galanthus. I prefer to call them snowdrops. It sounds much nicer.

This afternoon, Tiddy and I went for a walk to see if any other flowers were growing.

Daffodil buds.
I found these daffodils. They are supposed to be yellow, but the buds were still tightly closed so that I couldn't see what colour they were.

I like yellow.

Look what I found around the corner! These daffodil buds had opened in the sunshine. They are  yellow. I like yellow. It makes me smile!

Where is Tiddy gone?
A bit further on, I found these pretty catkins. They were quite high up, so I had to climb to get a good photo of them. Tiddy was excited about climbing, and got very silly!

Forsythia buds.
Look! I found some forsythia flower buds too! They will be a beautiful yellow colour, just like the daffodils. It wont be long till the flowers come out.

I was getting hungry and decided to go home, but Tiddy wanted to explore some more. So we walked for a few more minutes and I found these bright red berries on a holly bush. Another name for holly is Ilex. Mmmm, I think I'll still call it holly.

I didn't want to get the prickles stuck in my paws, but Tiddy thought it wouldn't hurt much and climbed the holly tree to be in the photograph. He's very brave!

We had a lovely day looking at beautiful things right here where we live. The world is a good place to see  pretty things, even if you can't travel far from home.

Charlie x

Monday, 21 February 2011

Meet our friend Tizzy

Hi, it's 'ME' again,

Someone asked if we had any other little friends, so I thought I'd introduce 'Tizzy'.

She is very special and was made by Mr.P just like me, but she doesn't live with us cos Mr.P never just makes a teddy, he always makes the teddy for someone special. He made his first one 28 years ago and has made 3 so far.

Look it's snowing! Brrrr...

Tizzy was made for Miss Izzy on her 1st birthday a month ago. That makes Tizzy the baby bear around here, but unlike Miss Izzy she'll always be the baby cos we bears stay the same for always. When everything is changing, you can always depend on your Teddy to stay the same.

It's tough being a Teddy

Tizzy is almost as crazy as me!

Oh, did I mention Miss Izzy is Mrs.C's and Mr.P's grandaughter? 

                                                            Tiddy x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Our 1st Big Adventure

Hi everyone, I'm back!

We're still at home, but thought I'd tell you about the first exciting trip I took with Charlie. By the way, Charlie's a bit younger than me, but more about us again. Let's get on with the story.

Our first Big Adventure was planned by our owner (Mrs C) to celebrate our maker's (Mr P) 50th birthday. It was mad at home leading up to the big day. So many secrets, so much suspense.
Of course, I knew what was going down. That's the great thing being a teddy, they tell you everything.

Mr P knew we were going on a trip for his big day and was really panicking when we all woke to find a foot of snow! Mrs C stayed calm because we all knew the roads covered in snow didn't matter, we were GOING BY TRAIN!

"Look Charlie, the trains coming... Brrrrrr..."

We were so excited as we set off on the first leg of the journey from Pengam Station to Cardiff Central. We'd got an early start as the snow meant all plans for the day were cancelled, so only the fun bits were left......a perfect teddy day.

Sitting on the window sill 10 stories up!

When we arrived at the Premier Inn at Cardiff, I couldn't believe how tall it was! I know I'm short, but Mr P is six foot and even he looked tiny against this tower block.

Looking down on the city

Our room was on the 10th floor, right at the top, our very own Penthouse Premier Room. The view was fantastical and the snow made it look even more fantastica!
O' that reminds me, what do you call a snowman in the summer?    A puddle...

The next morning, the snow was so deep that even the Trains were getting stuck, but we were out for an adventure, so off to the station we went just stopping for a quick cuppa at Wetherspoons on the way.

A nice warm cuppa in The Prince of Wales at Cardiff

It only took an hour to unfreeze the points to get the train to the platform and we were on our way to Bristol where the very first ever bar of chocolate was made in 1766 by a chap called Mr Fry (not many people know that)

Cardiff Central

Bristol Temple Meads

Told you it was TALL!

When we got to Bristol Premier Inn I nearly fainted, it was humungus! 17 floors! Mr P isn't very good with hights so we stayed on floor 13.

On our way from the station Mrs C saw the perfect place for the BBM, (Big Birthday Meal),
a floating restaurant in the Old Dock.

Glassboat Restaurant Bristol

By time we got home at the end of our 3 day snowy, railroad, 2 city extravaganza, Charlie and I knew we were "born to travel".....

Tiddy x

Friday, 18 February 2011

Beautiful Bournemouth.

Hello, Tiddy here. I thought I'd be first to post on our new blog. How exciting! Not the sort of thing most bears get to do.

Well, last week, Charlie and I went to Bournemouth. We stayed in a posh hotel very near the beach.

Wow! this bed is HUMUNGUS!!

After a rest on the huge bed, we set off for a trip to the beach. There are 7 miles of sands to play on. Charlie picked this spot to do a bit of mountain building. I helped a bit, after a spot of sunbathing. I had a great time.

Where's my bucket and spade ...

A nice man let us have a go in his boat. It was a very nice blue one, the same colour as my ribbon. It was very nice to be in the boat, but we didn't go out to sea. The boat stayed on the beach, which meant we didnt get wet.

Don't rock the boat Charlie...

After a while, I got bored of staying on the beach, so I asked Charlie to come surfing with me. She was a bit scared at first, but then I taught her how to do it properly and she got the hang of it. We shared a surf board, as we like to stay together. I think I looked quite cool, and Charlie looked as pretty as she always does.

Today Bournemouth... Tomorrow somewhere warmer.. Brrr!

We are back home now, but I hope to go away again soon.

I'll leave you with a nice beach joke.....

What did the sea say to the sand?

Nothing, it just waved.

Tiddy x