Monday, 30 May 2011

Mr. Hume's Big Toe!


I'm back again, trying to catch up after the latest
leg of our attempts at global conquest. Speaking of legs, did you know that one of the most popular things in Edinburgh is a Big Toe! Honest, we went to see the castle, Scot's Monument and tons of stuff, but the biggest crowd was around Mr. Hume, and they all wanted to touch his big toe.

Mr. P told me that Mr. Hume (who's first name was David) was born 300 years ago and he was a Philosifiser or something. Anyway it means he was famous for thinking stuff. One of the things he was famous for thinking is that superstition was silly, which I think is really funny, because all the people touch his toe because they think it's lucky.

Mind you I think toes are funny because I don't have any. I wonder if you can be famous for thinking even if you haven't got toes? I'd like to be famous, maybe I could go the the Edinburgh Fringe as the "Thinking Tiddy with No Toes".

Well for now I'll just keep climbing on things and wait for my big break.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Last stop in Scotland.

Hi Everyone,

it seems absolutely ages since my last blog. Charlie and I have been away with Mrs C and Mr P on a cycling trip abroad. We'll tell you where and what we got up to later in the week, but first we've a couple of things to tell you about the last days of our trip up North.

I know you've all been waiting to know what my brilliant plan was to raise some money. Well it was when we visited Edinburgh that I got my fantabulous idea. 

I thought because Edinburgh was the capital city of Scotland that everyone would be wearing a kilt. I was wrong! It seemed that the only other person that we saw in the whole of the city wearing a kilt was playing the bagpipes and people were giving him money! This was too good a chance for a Talented Tiddy to miss, so it was off the the castle to meet my public.

I was having a great time and I think most of the people liked the way I played, or maybe they gave me the money for just being so cute.

The money was starting to pile up when Charlie said that there were some men from the castle coming so we should make a move.

I thought they might want my autograph, but Charlie said she was pretty sure that I was wrong and we should get going.

When we got home from the day in Edinburgh I counted my money. At first I thought it was pretend money, but Mr P told me that some of the banks in Scotland print their own money. I think Scottish money is so cool.

Be back soon to tell you all about Mr Hume's Big Toe!

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!

Tiddy here!!!!

I've just got hold of this fantabulous photo of my friend Megan with her 7th Birthday cake. Isnt it wonderful! 

I really love chocolate cake! Look at all that chocolate, mmmmmmm.

Here's a photo of Denise making the cake. Isn't she clever? I wonder if she'll make me a chocolate cake for my birthday?

Tiddy x

A Royal connection!

Hello! Charlie here.

One day, we went to visit St. Andrews. It is a city with sea, sand, a golf course, nice shops and a very famous university. Well, you may have heard about a very special wedding between the future King, Prince William and Catherine Middleton. They met while studying at university, here, in St. Andrews. That's sooooooo romantic!

Tiddy and I walked around the golf course. It was a bit cold, but we enjoyed seeing all the golfers. Tiddy was especially excited, as he found a golf ball on the path. Can you see it on the photo?

When we were walking along the beach, Tiddy found some rocks and a cave. He's very brave, and did a lot of climbing and exploring. I stayed on the beach and looked for shells.

Can you see Tiddy on top of the rocks. His flag was blowing in the wind. It's good that he doesn't have hair, or it would have been blowing in his eyes as it was so windy. I think he looks like an explorer.

While I was down on the sand, I decided to take this photo of Mr P taking a photo of Tiddy. It was getting dark then, so we decided to go home for some tea.

Charlie x