Sunday, 7 December 2014

A donut ate me!!!

Tiddy here!

When we were in Cardiff, I met a giant donut. He tried to eat me!! Honest! Here's a pic of me before I escaped. Hee hee. He wasn't real, so don't worry. The world is full of such great things!

Tiddy x

Cardiff Christmas market

Tiddy here!

We just got back from the most Tiddytastic trip to Cardiff!

 Charlie wanted her photo taken by the pretty shops with the decorations on.
Look at the cow and candy canes on top of this roof! If you look carefully, you will see Santa sneaking down a chimney!

 I was a bit tired, so I decided to have a sit on the lap of this polar bear. I wasn't scared though, as he wasn't real....I hope!
After my rest, I joined in with the snowmen all climbing up to make a tower. The polar bear wanted to join in, but he was a bit too heavy for us all to hold!

The Hayes Island Snack Bar looked the best, with Santa, two Christmas trees and loads of tinsel.

I'll be back soon to tell you how I got eaten by a donut!

Tiddy x

Monday, 1 December 2014

The reindeer are in town!

Charlie here!

On Saturday, Tiddy and I heard that there were reindeers in town, so we set off to find them.

Tiddy saw this sign, so we knew we were on the right track. We were so excited. Would we see Rudolph? 

Further along the street, we saw a Punch and Judy show. It was very funny, but there were no reindeers there.

Just around the corner, we saw Santa!!!! He told us that there were reindeers in town, but Rudolph was at home polishing his nose ready for Christmas Eve. So, they really were here, but where?

It wasn't long before we found them! There were two super cute reindeer. Tiddy liked the white one best. I liked the brown one, as she had lots of pretty shades of brown. Can you see the fur on the antlers?

Charlie x

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tiddy and the lion!

Tiddy here!

I have just got back from a very scary walk! It didn't seem scary at first. I was enjoying the climbing.

Suddenly, I heard a very SCARY noise. It sounded like a lion. Really! It did! I was a bit scared, but I wanted to investigate. Imagine, a lion in Wales! Scary but exciting! Lucky Charlie decided to stay at home to make cakes.

Deep inside the woods, I saw what looked like a vicious lion. If you look very hard, you will see him behind me. I was very brave.

I got even closer. My Tiddy heart was going like the clappers!

Phew! It wasn't really a lion. It was a pretty cat. I had been very brave and didn't scream ..well, only a little bit.

Tiddy x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ship ahoy!

Charlie here!
When we were in Aberdeen, we found a steep street. At the bottom of the hill, we could see something very interesting!

There was a dock full of HUGE ships. Tiddy was very brave and climbed through the fence to have his photo taken.

Tiddy liked this one best of all, because it had a flat bit on top for helicopters to land on. Mr P. told us it was called a landing pad. Doesn't Tiddy look handsome?

Tiddy wanted his photo taken to show how much he looks like the Viking on this ship. He's such a funny bear!

Charlie x

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Guess who we saw!

Tiddy here!
Just a quick blog, 'cos I am a tired Tiddy after 11 hours in the car!

When we were in Aberdeen, we found this bear shop called Silly Bears.
Look who we saw in the shop window! He looks just like someone we know............
Here's a photo of me and Charlie with Yellow Ted who lives with us. They look like twins.
Anyway, I'm off to bed now. If you hear a funny noise, it's me snoring!
Tiddy x

Friday, 19 September 2014


Tiddy here!
We has the most fanTiddytastic time in Montrose. There was soooo much to see. This is one of the biggest steeples in Scotland. It was too tall even for me to climb, and I love climbing.

They had two red telephone boxes together. I wanted a photo of me and Charlie talking to each other on the phones, but Charlie had to take the photo.

There was a big orange boat in the harbour. It was too foggy for a good photo though. I wanted to ask the captain of he would take me for a ride, but Mr P said that he was probably a bit too busy.

On the way back to the car, I could hear someone banging a window. I looked up and there were lots of knitted lifeboat men waving from the window of the life boat station. They were very friendly, so I took a photo of them to show you all.

I'm off to find some haggis now. I'm starving!

Tiddy x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Arbroath Abbey, Socotland!

Charlie here!

We have had a fabulous day in Arbroath.
Tiddy decided to have a Scottish breakfast before we went in search of the abbey .
The breakfast was HUGE, so we shared it between us.
It was too much, even for two, but Tiddy insisted on eating as much as he could. He overdid it and almost fainted. He's such a funny bear!
When Tiddy had recovered from his very full belly, we went on an abbey hunt.  Can you see the pretty old building behind us?

 Eventually, we found the
abbey where Scotland's
letter of independence was written in 1620.That was a very long time ago!

 Afterwards, we went to the park and had lots of fun and giggles on this metal horse. Tiddy made really silly horse sounds and we had a lovely time!

Bye for now.

Charlie x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Yes! No! Oh, I don't know!

Tiddy here!

Where I am, there are lots of posters and flags. Some say YES.

Some say NO.

Mr P says it's something to do with Scottish evolution. Mrs C said I needed to put a D in front of it.
It's so hard for a Tiddy to know what to do, so I say
Be Happy!
Tiddy x 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

I'm back again!!!
Here I am on the boat ready to try out 'SPLASH!' Cor! It went really high up!

 Here I am on the way up. I wasn't scared....much!
It was really Coooool! You should have seen the splash. I know why they called it that. There was water everywhere.

It was all quiet when I watched ....then SPLASH! Woohoo!  I love Holland! 

Can you see my fabulous jacket that my friend Elliot designed for me?

Tiddy x

Happy Holland!!!

Tiddy here!

I've had the most fanTiddytastic time in Holland!

Here I am with Charlie on a big wheel!

It was very high up. If you look closely, you can see the caravan where we stayed.

The place was called Duinrell at Wassenaar in Holland. More fun pics to come!

Tiddy x

Friday, 16 May 2014

Pirate Tiddy on the high seas.

Pirate Tiddy here, you land lubbers. Oh arrr, 'tis. I bet you didn't know I was this tall! Hee hee. I got to have my photo taken in this cool pirate disguise. Did you know it was me? Oh arrrrr, 'tis. Charlie had her photo taken by a pirate too. She was a bit scared, but I knocked on the pirate's nose to show her he was made of plastic. Oh arr, I am  brave pirate.

Tiddy x

A day in Blackpool.

Charlie here! We stayed in Southport for our special holiday. Tiddy was so excited, he forgot to take any photos, hee hee. He's such a forgetful bear, but very sweet, so I didn't mind. On the special birthday day, we went to Blackpool. Tiddy and I popped in a cafe for a coffee. We could see the sea out of the window. Tiddy will be back soon, to tell you about our adventure!

Charlie x