Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tiddy's Sky at Night!

Hi Everyone,

it's not only sunny days that are great here, we have starry nights too! Mr.P and Mrs.C like to sit on the roof in the evenings. On Sunday, Charlie and me went up with them. We could see all the street lights and the funfair in Roldan.

Then Mr.P showed us 2 very bright stars, but he said they're not stars cos they are planets. Anyway, they had fanteddytastic names. One was called Venus and the other one was Jupiter.

If you want to see them tonight this map might help.

It was great fun looking at the sky, but Mrs.C said that something special was going to happen at 10 o'clock and we had to look towards the town.

We waited for ages cos they were a bit late, but it was worth waiting, cos we love fireworks!

We had a brilliant night and stayed up really late. Then, on the way down to bed, I saw something really awesome! I said it was a flying saucer, but Mr.P said it was a UFO. That is an Unidentified Flying Object. How cooooooool is that? I saw a UFO!

What do you think it is?

I think it was a space ship coming to look for my little green friend Arthur.
Bye for now,

Tiddy x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Charlie here!
We received a super special package from Mrs C's friend in America! It had lots of chocolate and some Peeps in it. We had never seen Peeps before. They are marshmallows covered in sugar. Tiddy thought they would make a nice hot chocolate treat.

The twins wanted to help, so I showed them how to mix whipping cream and sugar till it was very thick. it took ages, and they made a terrible mess!

Here is Tiddy with the Cadbury's drinking chocolate, the whipped cream, a box of Peeps in the shape of chicks, and 2 nice cups. Tiddy had an extra big smile on his face, as he loves to make things with chocolate. 

I made some hot chocolate, but didn't fill the cups too much. Can you see the Peeps chicks? They looked like twins, just like Ted and Ed.

Then, Ted carefully spooned the cream on top of the hot chocolate. Next, it was Ed's turn to pop the Peeps on the cream.

Here we all are, ready to enjoy our special hot chocolate drinks. The chicks look like they were swimming in the cream! 

We enjoyed our hot chocolate with a bit of an American flavour. A big THANK YOU to Mrs C's special American friend. She made us very happy :o)

Charlie x

Friday, 23 March 2012

My Little Green Friend.

Hi Everyone,

we've been to the Easter Fete at the big school just outside La Torre Golf Resort, where we are staying. It's called Kings College and it's massive!

Mr.P said it was only built about 5 years ago and that's why it looks so modern. I said it looked like a school from outer space, but I was still shocked when we found Aliens inside! 

That's right! Honest! When we were buying cakes for tea, we saw a man who said he was a magician. You know, like Harry Potter and Hogwarts. Well, any way, this magic man was making loads of stuff and when Mrs.C asked him to make an alien, he did!

We called him Arthur cos he came from Kings College and he was made by a magician like Merlin. I was sooooo exciteded bringing Arthur The Alien home. He was exciteded too when he saw the swimming pool.

He said he wanted to get in the pool cos he could float and it would feel like outer space.

We helped him in and he floated really good. He was sooooo happy and we loved watching him bobbing about on the water.

He looked sooooo coooool and I think he really did look like he was in outer space. Don't you?

After a long float Mrs.C brought out the cakes we bought from the children and we had a picnic.

 I love cakes nearly as much as I love playing, but most of all I love making friends. We had a brilliant picnic and the Twins asked me to take a photo of them with their new friend.

I'm so glad we went to the school fete. We had a brilliant time, bought lots of tasty cakes, met a magic man and got to play with an alien!

Bye for now,

Tiddy x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rain in Spain!

Hi Everyone,

we've had some whacky weather here. On Monday, we were swimming in the pool, but yesterday, we were watching the rain and the loungers nearly blew off the solarium! (thats another word for a patio on the roof.)

Then, today, it was sunny again and we could play outside.

One of our favourite places to play is the swimming pool, but it's not only Charlie and me who like our pool.

This pussy cat thinks our pool is a very big drinking bowl.

I don't think it would taste very nice, but it's great fun to play in!

Well I'm off to do some more playing now. Cos Mr.P always says "Do your best" and I'm best at playing!

Have fun,

Tiddy x

Monday, 19 March 2012

North to Leeds!

Charlie here!
When we flew into Britain, we had to drive to Leeds. It is in the North and took us 3 hours! I was quite tired when we got there.

Here is a photo of the Leeds football ground. I don't watch the football, but Tiddy thought it was interesting, as he likes sport.

Can you see this model, that is outside the football ground? It is of Billy Bremner, a Scottish man who came to Leeds to captain the team. People have told me he was very good at it. He must have been, as they built a statue of him. I wonder if they will build a statue of Tiddy somewhere, one day? He'd like that.

We discovered the football ground in Elland Road, when we went looking for a McDonald's, as Tiddy fancied a Big Mac, his favourite! Tiddy thought it was very clever that they decided to build a football stadium near to McDonalds. 

This Phot shows how close McDonalds is to the stadium. I think they built McDonalds to be by the stadium, but Tiddy doesn't agree.

My last photo is of the lovely Travelodge we stayed at in Bishop Stortford, near the airport. It was really pretty and we could see pheasants and rabbits out of the window. I like looking at animals.

Well, I've got to stop now, as Tiddy has fallen into the swimming pool again and he wants me to help hang him on the washing line to dry! He's such a funny bear!

Charlie x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Well Done Wales!

Hi Everyone,

we've just watched Wales beat France in rugby. It was so very exciteding that even Charlie put her knitting down!

It was soooooo scary when the French men kept running so near our end. But the Welsh men were very brave. I'm sure it must hurt when they crash into each other.

The Twins still get a bit confused, but they know when we're winning and think rugby is super coooooooooooool.

Mr.P was very exciteded too. He kept jumping of the sofa and shouting at the telly.

He was very happy cos Wales won the Grand Slam.

I think that's cos we won all the games this time or something like that.
All I know is they got a brilliant trophy to go with the plate from the Triple Crown.

I'm very glad Wales won cos Charlie and me are very Welsh teddies.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Up Up and Away!

Hi Everyone,

I couldn't blog cos we've been on the road again. We had to go to San Javier Airport and get on a Ryanair Aeroplane to fly to Stanstead in Britain.

I love flying in aeroplanes. Can you see the fuel tanker through the window?

It was very exciting, cos we were sat by the emergency door, so the nice lady came and told me how to open it, just incase. Before we took off, the captain said we had to sit down and fasten our seat belts.

When we got to the airport, Mr.P went to see the nice man in Budget Car Hire and got us a car, cos we couldn't get our's on the plane. The nice man gave us a very nice car and Mrs.C took us on a long ride.

We were going up North and I saw brilliant stuff on the way. Can you see the Cloud Factory?

There are loads of them. I think that's why it rains a lot up there.

Mr.P thinks they are factories that turn coal into electricity, but I like the cloud idea best.

I like looking at the road signs to see all the brilliant names. Some are famous, like Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood used to live. He's got his own airport now. Not a lot of people know that, but I saw it on a sign post so it must be right.

Other places are not so famous, but the names sound really great, like Scunthorpe. I hope we go to Scunthorpe one day.

You never know what's going to be on the road. I think the coolest thing we passed on this trip was a tank on the back of a lorry!

Now that's coooooool!

Well I've got to go now, but Charlie will be here soon to tell you all about where we went up North.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x