Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pretty Chinese things.

Charlie here!
When we were in China, we saw lots of pretty things. This is a view of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Can you see the pretty little boats?

These boats were very different. One small one with a canopy and one big one with a Chinese roof.
The small one is going towards some lotus flowers. The Chinese people grind up the roots of the lotus flower to make a powder. You then add water to it and it makes a very healthy treat. It is delicious!

Look at these beautiful flowers! If you look very carefully, there is a pretty butterfly in the top picture.

This is my new umberella I bought in a shop by the lake. It is made of lace. I don't think it will keep any rain off me though, hehe.

This is a very colourful Chinese shop. It was full of unusual fruit and vegetables. 

There were lots of people flying kites by West Lake. Tiddy and I watched for ages. Here are some men carrying even more kites to fly. The Chinese have been flying kites for about 2800 years! They use silk to make them.

These fish looked like little streaks of gold in the pond. There were loads of them swimming around.  I liked to watch the bright coloured fish darting around in the water.

Next time, I'll show you some photos of the reason we were in China. See you then!

Charlie x

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hi Everyone,

I've been to China and it was brilliant!

There were loads of fantastic things to see, to eat and to climb. I wasn't the only one who liked climbing. Can you see the window cleaner in this picture? We got very wet taking this picture.

I felt inspired by the brave window cleaner to do a bit of China climbing of my own.

I started with a chinese phone box ...

Then a lamp post with real Chinese words on it...

After the lamp post, Charlie decided to join me, as long as the next one wasn't too high. So, we climbed on a giant tea pot, which had more Chinese words on...

Charlie was feeling very brave, so she decided to have a picture climbing on a statue...

Can you see me try to look at her upside down? 
Doesn't she look absolutely fanteddytastic?

Not to be out climbed, I found another very special statue to climb. I climbed a 石獅 

or, in our words for Chinese, a Shishi which means Stone Lion...

The next thing I climbed was a Chinese rock...

Wow! What a crazy Chinese climbing day I had. By time I'd finished, I was so tired Mr.P had to carry me and Charlie home.

Bye for now. Back soon with lots more stories about our Chinese Adventure.

Tiddy x

Friday, 21 October 2011

China, here we come!

Charlie here!

Here is a pic of Tiddy and I on the bus taking us to the airport. We were in a city called Birmingham. I couldn't wait to get on the plane!

We had to go to a place called 'Departures'. It was very big. Can you see our suitcase. We had our tickets and passports and were ready to fly!

It was a long way from the door of the airport to the plane, so Tiddy had a rest. There were lots of lorries outside the window.

I was still tired, so Tiddy found this buggy to give me a lift to the aeroplane. He drove really fast! Lots of people were going on our plane, too.

Tiddy drove so fast, we had plenty of time to sit down while we were waiting for the plane to board. That means they will let you on the plane ready for the journey. The plane in the picture is BMI Baby. We flew on a KLM plane. It was blue and white, and very pretty.

Here's our plane. Tiddy got over excited when he saw the plane we were actually going on. He started running round the airport, pretending to be a plane. He's such a funny bear!

Tiddy will be back with pictures of China next.

Charlie x

Monday, 10 October 2011

Getting ready!

Charlie here!
Sorry Tiddy has been delayed putting the next blog on. He's been busy packing for our trip to China. Also, he's been spending some time reading about aeroplanes, incase the pilot asks Tiddy to fly the plane for a bit, so that he can have a rest. Tiddy really is a funny bear :o)

Here's a pic of us, all ready to go. We have our money, travellers cheques, passports and some emergency chocolate supplies. It's a long way to China. We don't want to get hungry on the plane.

Bye for now :o)

Charlie x