Saturday, 23 May 2015

FantTiddytastic French food!

Tiddy here! 

  When we are in French France, Charlie and me like to eat French bread. It is long and thin. They call it a baguette.

Charlie always pinches the end off the baguette on the way home from the boulangerie. That's what they call the bakery. 

I like to fill up the baguettes with salty butter and Paris ham. Mmmmm, scrummy! Even though the French people have lovely foods like boeuf bourguignon, that is like a posh beef stew, I like these better. 

The best place to eat ham baguettes is out on the caravan decking in the sunshine. They were lovely and we had a nice glass of orange juice too. I love French food!

Tiddy x

Friday, 22 May 2015

Our home for a whole week!

Tiddy here! 
When we arrived in French France, we discovered our fanTiddytastic caravan! Can you see me and Charlie in the window?

Look! You can see our car and the other caravan out of the window. Some people call these caravans 'trailers'. I call them 'fun'!

This is our bedroom. It was so cool, cos we could look out of the window and see the ducks walking past. Charlie let me have the bed by the window. She's such a sweetie!

Back soon to tell you what we had for lunch.

Tiddy x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

France, here we come!

Charlie here!

A few weeks ago, Mr P told us we were off to France! It was so exciting. We even stayed at a Premier Inn at Dover the night before.

Tiddy made us a quick cuppa before going to explore our room. The bathroom had a perfectly sized teddy bath. Very stylish!

We had a long day ahead of us the next day, so I had an early night. I loved the comfy bed. Tiddy stayed up late reading the restaurant menu. He does love to eat!

Charlie x