Saturday, 23 May 2015

FantTiddytastic French food!

Tiddy here! 

  When we are in French France, Charlie and me like to eat French bread. It is long and thin. They call it a baguette.

Charlie always pinches the end off the baguette on the way home from the boulangerie. That's what they call the bakery. 

I like to fill up the baguettes with salty butter and Paris ham. Mmmmm, scrummy! Even though the French people have lovely foods like boeuf bourguignon, that is like a posh beef stew, I like these better. 

The best place to eat ham baguettes is out on the caravan decking in the sunshine. They were lovely and we had a nice glass of orange juice too. I love French food!

Tiddy x


  1. Great post and lovely photos. I am very familiar with baguette, as we have it in my area as well. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  2. Hello Linda! Baguettes are brilliant cos when I am hungry, I go to the shop to buy one and snap the end off to munch on the way home. Mmmmm. I hope you are having a fanTiddytastic time in Montreal! Tiddy x