Wednesday, 29 February 2012

We've been to Cartagena!

Hi Everyone,

we've been to a brilliant place where there are loads of ships. They even had a submarine on the promenade! 

Charlie had her picture taken by it cos she thought the flowers were pretty.

I thinks she's right, but I like having my picture taken with crazy things like this diver statue made from scrap iron!

I also had some taken with the coooool boats in the harbour. That's like a big car park full of water for keeping boats in.

The Pilots are in charge of getting big ships in and out of the harbour.

The sail boats were brilliant!

Can you guess which was my most favourite boat in the harbour?

This is it! It's called La Patacha and it's a floating restaurant!

We went inside and had a lovely cup of coffee.

Then we went for a walk in the city, where we saw a falling down Bull Ring. I think the bulls will be very happy that it's not open anymore.

Down the road we found an aeroplane!

Then we walked through the park and saw this amazing tree.

We had a fanteddytastic time in Cartagena, I hope you've enjoyed looking at our pictures.

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Triple Crown

Hi Everyone,

I just watched the rugby with Ted, Ed and Charlie.

Ted and Ed wanted to watch from top of the blow up palm tree, but Mr.P said no cos he couldn't see the TV.

Charlie wanted to watch, cos it was the Triple Crown, but she did her knitting. 

She said she can't watch TV for long without getting bored. I think it's a girl thing :-)

I was very exciteded and didn't get bored at all!

Wales had never ever won the Triple Crown at Twickenham, but maybe today!!!!

We nearly scored in the first minute, then we were losing. Next, they put a Welsh man in a bin and we were still losing.

When there was only 5 minutes to go, we were drawing cos Mr. Halfpenny had scored 12  points for us.

Then, Mr. Scott Williams scored a fanteddytastic try that made Mr.P shout. I was very happy too.

England were very good and they nearly scored a try in the last seconds. Then the nice man in the blue shirt said it didn't count and we could have the Triple Crown.

Ted and Ed are starting to understand a bit about rugby now, but they were confused that the triple crown was a plate. I told them it doesn't matter, as long as we won. So they were happy.

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bike Ride to the Seaside.

Hi Everyone,

we've just got back from a super duper bike ride all the way to the seaside in Los Alcazares!

Charlie and me had to check the map incase Mr.P got lost on one of his short cuts.

We stayed on the proper road til we nearly got to Balsicas. Then Mr.P said he'd been looking on Google Earth and there was a really good short cut, so we turned off.

The only problem was, that Google Earth didn't show that the farmer who lived on this little road had about 15 guard dogs! It was really exciting when they all started chasing us, cos Mrs.C and Mr.P pedalled soooo fast! When we got away from the angry dogs, we went under the railway line through a cool tunnel.

Further down the road we saw a huge field full of Red Lettuce.

They looked really good and the view of the mountain was great too. Mrs.C said she liked the view, but we were going back on the big road, not past the dogs!

It was 12 miles to the seaside, so we were all really hungry by time we got there.

Mrs.C had packed a picnic, so we headed straight to the beach and unpacked the food.

Mrs.C loves the sea side at Los Alcazares. We found a really brilliant place for our picnic.

We had a fanteddytastic time. When we'd finished the picnic, Charlie got to do one of her favourite things, sunbathing!

When Charlie had finished sunbathing, we went for a ride on the promenade.

Mrs.C's Favourite restaurant is on the sea front. It's called Restaurante La Encarnacion. They are Spanish words. I know the first one, but I'm not sure about the others!

 Mr.P said we needed lots of calories to pedal all the way home, so we should have a snack. Mrs.C thought Mr.P was very clever and, as we were outside her favourite restaurant, we went in.

When we'd eaten all our calories we headed back home to La Torre. It took us 2 hours to get back, but it was very hot, over 30 degrees!

Nearly home! We can see La Torre

Back soon,

Tiddy X

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday.

Charlie here!
Today is Shrove Tuesday, a day for Pancakes! I decided to make some pancakes with nice sauces. Here are the kumquats from Mrs H. I chopped them up and boiled them with water and sugar for a fruity sauce.

Tiddy made a nice chocolate sauce. He loves chocolate more than any other food! Can you see his big smile?

Tiddy put some chocolate  and some cream in a saucepan. Ted and Ed enjoy watching us cook.

Can you see the cream and chocolate in the pan? There would have been a lot more chocolate, but Tiddy ate lots of pieces!

Tiddy heated the chocolate and cream in the pan. Can you see him mixing it with a big spoon? It is important to stir it all the time you cook it, incase it burns to the bottom of the saucepan. That would make Tiddy very sad.

For the pancakes, I used flour, eggs and milk. I mixed it all up into a nice smooth batter. Lumpy batter makes lumpy pancakes. Not a good idea.

I had to mix the batter for soooo long my arm was aching. I didn't mind though, as I wanted to make nice pancakes. At last, the batter was smooth.

Now it's cooking time! The other bears all watched as I put the batter in a frying pan, added some juicy currants and tossed the pancake in the air to turn it.

Some people have pancake races on Shrove Tuesday. They have to run and toss a pancake at the same time! They must be very clever!

Here we all are, with our special pancakes. I had the Kumquat sauce with mine, but Tiddy just wanted chocolate sauce on his. Ted and Ed shared with  us.

It didn't take us long to finish our pancakes. Before we took this photo, Tiddy had to wash his face, as he was covered in chocolate sauce.

Tiddy then made a special announcement. He said that Shrove Tuesday was on a Wednesday next year. We all thought his joke was funny, but he laughed so much he turned upside down and Ted and Ed climbed up on his feet!

What a great Shrove Tuesday!

Charlie x