Saturday, 18 May 2013

Part 2 of Tiddy's exciting adventure! No peeking till you read part 1!!!

I'm back!!!!!!

Did you guess what happened next?

Well, the nice man from the RAC couldn't fix our car. That was such good news:o)

We had to get the car home to Wales, so another nice man came with a HUGE lorry.

It doesn't look very huge when me and Charlie sat on a bit of it for a photo but.........

it was big enough to give our car a PIGGY BACK!!!! The nice man put a rope on the car and pulled it onto the lorry!
I got a bit bored just watching, so I decided to get towed onto the lorry with the car. Can you see me? Wheeeeee!
While I was on the lorry, I decided to look under the car, just like the man did. I couldn't fix it so we set off for Wales!

Charlie and I put on our seat belt and settled down for an exciting trip down the M4 to Wales. We got in at 3am! It was SUCH fun!

Tiddy x

Oh, and PS. 35 people just came on and read my blog. Does that mean I have gone virus? :o)

Most fanTiddytastic adventure ever!!!!! (Part 1)


I just HAVE to tell you all about the great adventure I had last night!!

Charlie and me were in London and Mrs C was driving the car (hee hee, that's a funny word!). It just stopped!

Well, that was fab cos we got to call out the RAC!
I got to play on the van while the nice man tried to fix the car.

Charlie got to pretend to drive the van......

...while I got my head stuck, while looking into a cooool cupboard on the roof!

Charlie got really brave and climbed up on the steering wheel, but then Mr P came back with the man, so we had to behave.

You'll never guess what happened next!!!

I've got to go and eat a bar of chocolate now, as I used up soooo much energy last night. Then I'll be back to tell you.

See if you can guess.

Tiddy x