Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Have a fanTiddytastic Christmas everyone!

Tiddy here!

I hope you all have a brill Christmas!

Me and Charlie are so excited, as we have bought our Christmas chocolate.

Gabby, who is our special tree angel, is coming down off the tree later to share our goodies with us.

Then we are all off to bed early, as Santa will be here soon.

Lots of love....and big hugs off Charlie xxx

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Look, a train!

Charlie here!

We went for a ride this afternoon and saw something really interesting. A red light came on, so Mrs C stopped the car. A man closed a gate across the road and we waited......and waited.......and waited.

Suddenly, a train crossed the road! It is good that the man closed the gates, or we could have been squashed by the train. It was much bigger than the car.

When the train had gone, the man opened the gates so it was safe for us to cross again. Mr P said that the place the train crossed the road is called a level crossing. It was interesting to see, but I was a bit scared when the train came right on the road. Tiddy held my hand for a bit , and I felt happier then :-)

Tiddy is a good friend and always makes me feel better when I am sad or scared.

Charlie x

All quiet in Great Yarmouth!

Tiddy here!

Cor! It is really quiet here in Great Yarmouth. We went to the sea front to watch all the people on the beach, but no one was there. I think it's cos hoomans haven't got wooly or furry coats like us bears, and so don't enjoy sunbathing in December. Very strange. Anyway, I went sunbathing for a bit, but then we went for a walk and I found a pier. Here's me and Charlie sitting on a bench by it. Do you think I look more sun tanned than earlier?

Tiddy x

Great breakfast; in Great Yarmouth!

Tiddy here!

Me and Charlie just had a fanTiddytastic breakfast. I love bursting the egg yolk. Great fun with a great breakfast in Great Yarmouth.

Tiddy x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

lLook, I'm a reindeer!

Tiddy here!

Phew, I'm tired out now. Charlie and me have been playing Santa and reindeer deliveries. I have been practicing and think I make a really good reindeer.

Well, back to work. These toys won't deliver thems'elves'.

Tiddy x

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas cakes!

Tiddy here!

Well, after lots of work, Charlie and me finally finished our work. We were making Christmas cakes for our coffee morning. They were fanTiddytastic!

My favourite is the one with Sants fallen in the snow. I liked eating Santa's legs as they were made of sugar,mmmmmm.

Got to dash! I have to write out my Christmas cards for all my teddy friends. Don't worry though, I've got plenty of chocolate to keep my Tiddy strength up:-)

Tiddy x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tiddy the magical face maker!

Tiddy here!

Woohoo! Charlie said I could help her, so she put me in charge of snowmen faces.

I think my snowmen are sooooo coooooool! Can you spot the one missing nose?

Back soon.

Tiddy x

Fayze too.

Tiddy here!

Charlie is busy in the kitchen again this morning. Can you guess what she's making yet? I can't wait, cos I know what it is :-)

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What is Charlie up to?

Tiddy here!

Charlie has been very busy this evening. Can you guess what she is making? Got to go pretend to be a reindeer! Back soon. Tiddy the reindeer :-)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Silly Tiddy!

Charlie here!      

Tiddy is such a funny bear. He told you we were in Dudley instead of Oldbury! He likes the name Dudley and said it soooo many times on the journey that he really thought we were there. Here we are going into The Court of Requests in Oldbury.

 We found a nice table with a HUGE coat of arms behind us. We felt very important. It was very grand.
 This huge chair was very difficult to get on to as it was so high. I think we look like a king and queen.
Look at this beautiful tree we found there. There was a wrapped gift under the tree, so I sat on that for my photo. Can you see it? I popped it back under the tree afterwards. If Santa put it there, then I wouldn't want to put it where he couldn't find it again! 
 This is my favourite photo. This tree was near to where we sat. It had golden decorations all over it and a cute Santa stocking. Do you like the posh chair we are sat on?
Here's another photo of the coat of arms. Tiddy looks very brave by that big lion, but don't worry. It wasn't real. Doesn't Tiddy look handsome in his Santa outfit? He's my best friend in the whole world!

Charlie x

Saturday, 7 December 2013


Tiddy here!

Just a quick blog to show you all us having a delicious cup of coffee in Wetherspoons in Dudley. There are lots of cool Christmas decorations here. We're on our way North. Santa lives North, so I'm keeping an eye out for him on the motorway. I'm on my tablet' so only one pic. I'll post more of our fanTiddytastic journey  later.

Back to the car now. Whoopie! More really fast driving.

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Santa :o)

Charlie here!

Tonight we had a special visitor. It was Santa!

Well, it wasn't the real Santa, but we had lots of fun meeting plastic Santa and his reindeer.
Tiddy pretended he was the reindeer helper and said he was guiding the reindeer to the roof, so that Santa could climb down the chimney. 
Then we pretended we were riding through the sky with Santa on Christmas Eve. It was very exciting. We felt like real elf helpers!

I think the reindeer was very pretty, so I had a photo taken with her. I named her Twinkle. I dont think there is a real reindeer called Twinkle, but I think it is a pretty name, just like her.
I will try to get more photos of pretend Santas to keep you excited about when the real Santa arrives in a few weeks. I can't wait!

Charlie x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My first ever superstar!!!!!!

Tiddy here!

It finally happened! I got to meet my first superstar!!!

Here's a photo of me and Charlie with Ricky Valence. He is sooooo famous that even Wikipedia knows all about him...
All about my friend Ricky Valence!

He is a really, really, really, really, really nice man and he can sing too!

Charlie liked him singing 'Tell laura I love Her' the best. I liked it when he sang songs I could do the 'Tiddy Dance' to!

A big THANK YOU! to Mr Valence for letting us have a photo of him on our blog. You are Tiddytastic!!

Tiddy x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Oooooooopsy doopsy, I forgot the pic!

Here's the pic of the funny church.

Tiddy x

Funny roof in Acle!

Tiddy here!

We saw the most fantiddytastic church today! It had a roof made out of grassy stuff. Charlie told me they call it 'thatch'. Hee hee. That's a funny word. My favourite bit was the tower. I love towers, cost I love climbing !

Tiddy x

I'm in Acle!

Tiddy here!
I'm in Acle today. That's in Norfolk. I've seen loads of boats, but Mr P said it was not a good idea to go sailing, as I had forgotten to pack my life jacket. So here's a photo of Acle village green.
Tiddy x

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tiddy to the rescue!

Well, what a day! We were on the motorway, when one of our brake light bulbs blew up! It didn't make a noise, but it stopped working. Luckily for Mr P, I am good at fixing things, so I sorted it out and we were on our way in no time. Hurrah!

Tiddy x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Tiddy's washing machine adventure.

 Tiddy here!

Me and Charlie got very grubby from all our adventures, so Mrs C said it was time we went in the magic washing machine. It sounded like fun! 
She put us in a pillowcase so we wouldnt get too stretched. I was excited as the door shut and the machine filled with warm bubbles.
Here we are drying on the washing line. It was great fun. If I wiggled my legs, the line would shake and we'd both look like we were dancing. 

I wasnt allowed on the computer till I had dried out. Ah well, I'm back now and ready for my next adventure!

Tiddy x

Friday, 12 July 2013

Glorious Gent!....or is it Ghent?

Charlie here :-)

Did you guess we were in Gent? We stayed at the Carlton Hotel, where we had a lovely room and scrummy food :-)

If you look up the hotel on Expedia.com, you will see Tiddy and me on a review of the hotel. It was good fun writing the review. I think we will do lots more hotel reviews. Tiddy  is very good at having ideas for photos. He's such a clever bear!

We are back home now, and about to have another adventure, but this time, it involves pillow cases and a washing machine! I'll get Tiddy to blog all about it when he is allowed back near a computer. You'll see why he wasn't allowed near the computer when you read the next blog.

I hope you all have a lovely day. Keep smiling :-)

Charlie x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The BIG clue!

I bet you can tell from this photo where we are staying.

If you still can't guess, I'll be telling you  tomorrow.

I'll even give you the name of the very special hotel where we are staying!

Sorry again about all these small blogs. Blogger won't work properly on my tablet. I think it is because my paws are a bit too big to use a touch screen properly.

See you all tomorrow!

Charlie x

Can you guess where we are yet?

Spots and stripes. Chocolate and Teddy bears. Do these photos help?

Charlie x

No, Tiddy!

Charlie here!

When we got to the restaurant , Tiddy  rushed to sit down at a table, as he had seen the bowl of sugar cubes and thought they were the meal.

He was very happy, until I told him he could only have some sugar cubes in his coffee. He cheered up when he saw how much food he could eat.

Charlie x

My sensible but pretty breakfast.

Charlie here!
Tiddy ate too much for breakfast, but I was sensible. The nice man made me an omelette and put a pretty flower on it. Can you see it?
The coffee was nice too :-)
Charlie x

Tiddy meets the juicerator!

Tiddy here!

This morning, the nice gentleman at breakfast taught me how to make orange juice in his super duper, Tiddytastic juice machine.

I rolled the oranges in the top, and the juicerator chopped them in half, squeezed them and then gave me a drink of fresh orange juice. Great fun!

There will be .lots of little blogs off me and Charlie, as my new tablet computer won't let me do big ones. Lots more to come!

Tiddy  x

Tiddy's big breakfast!

Charlie here!

Today we had breakfast in our hotel. It was a real bargain, as all teddies eat free!!!

Here's a photo of
Tiddy when he had finished.

Charlie x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Guess where we are!

Charlie here!

We are on an adventure. Look at the pics and see if you can guess where.

I'll tell you later :-) 

Charlie x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Part 2 of Tiddy's exciting adventure! No peeking till you read part 1!!!

I'm back!!!!!!

Did you guess what happened next?

Well, the nice man from the RAC couldn't fix our car. That was such good news:o)

We had to get the car home to Wales, so another nice man came with a HUGE lorry.

It doesn't look very huge when me and Charlie sat on a bit of it for a photo but.........

it was big enough to give our car a PIGGY BACK!!!! The nice man put a rope on the car and pulled it onto the lorry!
I got a bit bored just watching, so I decided to get towed onto the lorry with the car. Can you see me? Wheeeeee!
While I was on the lorry, I decided to look under the car, just like the man did. I couldn't fix it so we set off for Wales!

Charlie and I put on our seat belt and settled down for an exciting trip down the M4 to Wales. We got in at 3am! It was SUCH fun!

Tiddy x

Oh, and PS. 35 people just came on and read my blog. Does that mean I have gone virus? :o)

Most fanTiddytastic adventure ever!!!!! (Part 1)


I just HAVE to tell you all about the great adventure I had last night!!

Charlie and me were in London and Mrs C was driving the car when........nothing......zippo....zilch (hee hee, that's a funny word!). It just stopped!

Well, that was fab cos we got to call out the RAC!
I got to play on the van while the nice man tried to fix the car.

Charlie got to pretend to drive the van......

...while I got my head stuck, while looking into a cooool cupboard on the roof!

Charlie got really brave and climbed up on the steering wheel, but then Mr P came back with the man, so we had to behave.

You'll never guess what happened next!!!

I've got to go and eat a bar of chocolate now, as I used up soooo much energy last night. Then I'll be back to tell you.

See if you can guess.

Tiddy x