Thursday, 8 October 2015

Fabulous French fungi!

Tiddy here!

The first thing I want to say is DO NOT TOUCH FUNGI!!! They could be poisonous. I got close, but didn't touch any of them, cos I am a sensible little bear.

Because it is Autumn, there are lots of fungi growing in the fields in France. Look at these. They are very pretty and quite tall.  Don't forget DO NOT TOUCH!

There are lots of different types. Flat ones and fat ones! Dark ones and light ones!

This was my favourite one. It  looked like it should be on a picture in a fairy story book. It is the same colour as me. See! The frilly edges even match my nose and mouth! 

There are lots of fungi here, but if you only have one, you have to call it a fungus. I prefer fungi. It sounds funny!

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Is it or isn't it?

Charlie here!

When we were in France, it was a lovely day, so we went for a walk.

As we got to the crossing, there was a girl about to cross the road on one side.

Oh look! There is a boy on the other side of the road waiting to cross too. Or is there?

Hee hee! Look! They are plastic models of children! That makes people driving cars slow down, because they think someone is trying to cross the road. It is good that the traffic slows down, as it can be so dangerous! Can you see me having a ride?

Tiddy had a ride on the boy's backpack too! They had us fooled. Did you think they were real? School looks like soooooo much fun!

Charlie x