Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tiddy's Fish & Cheesecake!

Hi Everyone,

wow I've been sooooo busy. I've got lots and lots of new friends on Twitter and I've got my very own Facebook thingy, so I'm twittering and typing all the time. It's great, but I nearly forgot my blog!

So I've stopped twittering to tell you about a fanteddytastic thing Charlie and me saw in Las Vegas.

Do you remember we told you about the super duper Cheesecake Factory that we went to? Boy, I remember it, cos it was the biggest and best cheesecake ever!

Well, that was in The Forum Shops at Ceasers Palace. It was massive and there were tons of shops and loads of statues and stuff everywhere.

Anyway, guess what we found right out side the Cheesecake Factory? I'll give you a clue. It had a deep sea diver in it!

That's right it was a massive, huge fish tank!

It was absolutely gigantic and the fish were bigger than Charlie and me!

I was looking into the tank with my nose against the glass when I saw it. Honest! It was a real live deep sea diver!

It made me jump and that made Charlie giggle.

Deep sea divers in a shopping arcade? 

That's the magic of Vegas!

Back soon (ish)

Tiddy x 

Friday, 21 September 2012

On The Buses in Vegas.

Hi Everyone,

I just want to tell you about the busses in Vegas. It's not like Wales, where you pay the man on the bus. In Vegas, you buy a ticket from a machine on the bus stop.

Mr.P was very happy when he found out that it only cost 7 dollars and you could ride on the busses for 24 hours. He wasn't so happy when he realised that you had to have the exact fare or the machine wouldn't give you a ticket. He nearly missed the bus, but I didn't have a problem, cos Teddies ride for free!

We went to loads of places, and did lots of shopping. I took this picture on one of the busses. Can you see our hotel out the window? It's just to the right of the silver pole. It looked a lot bigger when you got closer.

The one bus we went on had a really clever bit on the front. It was a special place to put your bike, so you could have a rest and ride on the bus. How Coooooooool is that?

The busses were great, but there were other super things to see on the roads. Like the silver stretched limo that was so big that it had extra wheels!

But I think my favourite thing on the Vegas roads were the fanteddytastic lorries!

They were so CooooooooooooooooooL! I'm sure some of them were transformers! Robots in disguise!

Wow! I love Vegas. Even the traffic is exciting!

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

They've got a Venice in Vegas!

Hi Everyone,

one of the super cooool places we went to, on our very hot trip to Vegas, was Venice.                     
I know it sounds bonkers, but it's true. These American people are amazing! I don't think they like flying, cos instead of going on holidays they just built everything in Vegas.

It looked absolutely fanteddytastic from the outside and it was totally amazing when we went inside.

The waterfall wasn't just massive and beautiful, it was full of money too!

The shops were awesome and they even had a canal inside... with Gondalas on it! It was just brilliant.

Can you see me? I was tired out from following Charlie and Mrs.C around all the gorgeous shops, but I'll let Charlie tell you about that.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x

Friday, 7 September 2012

Tiddy up the Tower

Hi Everyone,

Didn't Charlie do a brilliant blog and wasn't the bride beautiful? Well, I just wanted to say that I had a fantedytastic time too.

The car was Sooooo Coooooooool and not just because it had air conditioning!

The meal was absolutely yummy and there was loads of food and cake...

Can you see the size on my plate? It was huge!

But my bestest bit of the day was when they took us up to the top of the tower...

It was Sooooo Tall we could see for miles...

Charlie said it looked brilliant through the big telescope thingy...

But I thought it looked better upside down.

I could see the fantedytastic fountains outside The Bellagio Hotel.  

They are massive and the water dances to the music. It's like magic!

They looked sooooo good that we went to see them again when we got back down on the ground.

I'll be back soon to tell you about more fun things we saw in Vegas.


Tiddy x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Our exciting day!

Charlie here!
I thought you might like to know the main reason we went to Las Vegas. Here is a chapel inside the MGM Grand Hotel. What was going to happen here?

Tiddy and I had to wait outside this chapel for our special friends, who were going to have a very special day!

Tiddy got a bit bored while we were waiting, and decided to get a bit silly. He's such a funny bear. I like spending time with Tiddy.

Here is a photo of the special reason for our holiday. It was another wedding! I love weddings. Can you see how beautiful the bride was? She had a pretty dress and a veil, with a diamond tiara. The groom, that is what they call the man getting married, looked very smart too.

After the wedding, we waited outside the chapel again, while the photographer took lots of photographs. The bride and groom looked very happy. We were all happy too. It was a very exciting day, with lots of adventures yet to come!

Our next adventure was to travel in a stretch limo with the bride and groom. We went in search of a very famous sign.

Here we are in the limo. It was very posh inside, with lots of room for Tiddy to run around. Tiddy poked his head out of the window and waved to everyone.

Look at this huge Las Vegas sign we found! It is very famous. I have seen it lots of times on TV and in books, but never in real life. It was a very hot day, and we were sweating by the time we had walked a few steps to the sign.

Tiddy and I had our photo taken by the sign, and then ran back into the limo, as it was nice and cool in there. Where next?

Very soon, we arrived at The Paris Hotel. Tiddy asked if he could take this photo, to show all his friends the silver limo we travelled in.

We went in a lift, half way up the pretend Eiffel Tower, for the reception. That is what they call the meal after a wedding. This is the view.

The table was laid out with special things for the bride and groom. Here's a photo of my seat. Tiddy sat next to me so we could share our camera.

Do you like this photo that I took? I think the couple look very happy. I think they were laughing because Tiddy was trying to talk French to the waiter!

After the meal, we went to the top of the tower in another lift. Here are photos of us helping the bride by holding her bouquet. Tiddy was a bit embarrassed, and hid behind the pretty flowers. He's so cute when he's shy.

The bride took some photos from the top of the tower. We had a great view.

What an exciting day! Tiddy and I went to bed early afterwards, as we were so tired from all the excitement, walking and wedding cake. I love weddings. Where will the next one be?

Charlie x