Friday, 14 December 2012

Tiddy and Charlie move house!

Charlie here!

We have just moved house, and had to get a huge van to move all our furniture. Can you see Tiddy driving it?

There was lots of space in the back. Tiddy and I wore our special hats to keep us warm, as it was a cold day. Tiddy's hat was like a firework! He looked very nice.

We had piled all our furniture up ready to put in the van. Tiddy enjoyed climbing all over it. I was a bit scared, as I dont like being high up. Tiddy is very brave!

It was a bit of a squash getting everything in the van, so we had to do a few trips. Tiddy and I managed to squeeze in the back sometimes. It was fun!

Tiddy drove the van sometimes, to give Mr P a rest. He's a very clever bear. We didn't crash once, but he did go around the roundabouts a bit too fast sometimes!

It took us so long to move all our things that it got dark. I don't like the dark, but Tiddy cheered me up by singing silly songs.

One of the last boxes was full of Tiddy's secret chocolate supplies. He made very sure we didn't forget it! He's very kind though, and gave us all some chocolate as we had been working so hard. 

Charlie x