Saturday, 31 May 2014

I'm back again!!!
Here I am on the boat ready to try out 'SPLASH!' Cor! It went really high up!

 Here I am on the way up. I wasn't scared....much!
It was really Coooool! You should have seen the splash. I know why they called it that. There was water everywhere.

It was all quiet when I watched ....then SPLASH! Woohoo!  I love Holland! 

Can you see my fabulous jacket that my friend Elliot designed for me?

Tiddy x

Happy Holland!!!

Tiddy here!

I've had the most fanTiddytastic time in Holland!

Here I am with Charlie on a big wheel!

It was very high up. If you look closely, you can see the caravan where we stayed.

The place was called Duinrell at Wassenaar in Holland. More fun pics to come!

Tiddy x

Friday, 16 May 2014

Pirate Tiddy on the high seas.

Pirate Tiddy here, you land lubbers. Oh arrr, 'tis. I bet you didn't know I was this tall! Hee hee. I got to have my photo taken in this cool pirate disguise. Did you know it was me? Oh arrrrr, 'tis. Charlie had her photo taken by a pirate too. She was a bit scared, but I knocked on the pirate's nose to show her he was made of plastic. Oh arr, I am  brave pirate.

Tiddy x

A day in Blackpool.

Charlie here! We stayed in Southport for our special holiday. Tiddy was so excited, he forgot to take any photos, hee hee. He's such a forgetful bear, but very sweet, so I didn't mind. On the special birthday day, we went to Blackpool. Tiddy and I popped in a cafe for a coffee. We could see the sea out of the window. Tiddy will be back soon, to tell you about our adventure!

Charlie x

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Under the water!

Tiddy here!

On the way to our special birthday trip, we had to cross the Mersey river. I don't like swimming long distances with my suitcase and chocolate supplies, so Mr P said he had another plan. Cor! How exciting! Instead of swimming on top of the water, we drove right underneath it. There was a huge tunnel that went down and down. Then it went up and up. It was the best part of the journey :

Tiddy x

Fun at Trefriw mill!

Charlie here! On the way to our surprise holiday, Mr P said we were going to visit a mill. Not a windmill, a woolen mill! People weren't allowed near the huge loom as it was quite dangerous. I explained to the man that I wasn't a person, so he gave me special permission to get a closer look while it was stopped. Can you see the blanket he was making? It was very pretty :-)

Charlie x