Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Colourful Kinsale!

Charlie here!

When Tiddy and me were in Ireland, one of our favourite places was Kinsale! Can you see the water behind us. It was a very beautiful place. The best thing of all was.......

...all the pretty coloured buildings! There were all the colours of the rainbow!

It looked like a very happy place and made me smile a lot!

Look at the cute windows in the roof of this one. Tiddy said he would like to have a bedroom in that roof.

This colour reminded me of the beautiful sky. It was just like a summer's day, even though it felt cold.

Even the post office was painted yellow and green! I would like to have a post office that colour in our town.

So, if you fancy some bright colours to cheer you up, pop over to Kinsale and enjoy the show!

Charlie x

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Tiddy here!

Yesterday, me and Charlie went down the garden to watch out for the eclipse. Mr P explained that the moon was going to get in the way of the sun for a little bit, so it would be like night in the day! It didn't look dark when we went out.

After a few minutes, it started to get dark, but not really dark, so you can watch the video to see if you can still see me in the apple tree!

It wasn't long before it got light again. I liked the eclipse and hope we have another one soon!

Tiddy x

Sunday, 15 March 2015

A special day for everyone!

Charlie here!

Today is called Mother's Day. As I don't have a mother or any children, I am calling it Happy Day!

                      Happy Day everyone!!!

Charlie x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Welsh Rabbit for St David's Day!

Charlie here!

To celebrate St David's Day, Tiddy and I made some Welsh Rabbit. There are no rabbits in it...or chocolate. I can see you, Tiddy!

Here are the ingredients. Don't forget to use a nice Welsh Caerphilly cheese!

First, Tiddy toasted the bread. We had one slice each. That is just enough for  a small bear. Adults may like 2 slices, as it is so delicious.

I grated the cheese and put it in a saucepan with milk, salt, pepper and some mustard. I mixed it as the cheese melted. It didn't take long. 

We popped some chopped ham on the toast, poured the mixture on and then added a bit more ham. Can you guess which one Tiddy made?

After a few minutes under the grill, our Welsh Rabbit was ready to eat. It tasted scrummy, even without Tiddy's chocolate!

Happy St David's Day everyone!!!!!

Charlie x