Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tiddy's Night Pic's

Hi Everyone,

doing my last blog reminded me of how fanteddytastic Las Vegas looked in the dark.

So Charlie and me have picked our top ten for you to look at.

Night Time New York in Vegas

Giant Guitars, Cowboys and Paris! WOW!

Look at the people in T Shirts at midnight!

Dark and Hot now that's cooool :-)

Can you guess which one's Charlies Favourite and which one's mine?

That's ten already and I've got so many more, but I've got to stop.
Well I'll Just sneak this one in that I took outside our hotel.

Oh, and this one of the Super Duper view from our room :-)

I must stop now or the blog will be too long. I hope you like my pictures.

Why not let me know which one is your favourite?

Or you could try and guess our favourite.

I'll give you a clue Charlies is a Girly one :-)

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tiddy's Bestest Shops!

Hi Everyone,

I want to tell you about some of the bestest shops I've ever seen.

Do you remember all the crazy casinos that were made to look like The Eifel Tower and stuff.

Well they build super smashing shops in Vegas too.

Just look at this Coca Cola shop.

It's made out of a giant Cola bottle, but you can really go inside and buy things! 

This one was a cafe called Hard Rock.

Now isn't that the biggest guitar you've ever seen?

There was even a Harley Davidson Shop with a massive motor bike sticking out of it.

Wow that was high up!

I think my most favourite of all the bestest shops in Vegas was The M&M Shop!

M&M's as big as my head! Wow!

The one thing I learned in Vegas was that no matter how cool something looked in the day time.

It always looked cooooooooler in the dark.

I'll be back soon to show you more pretty coooool pictures of Las Vegas in the dark.

Oh, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA.

Bye for now,

Tiddy x

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tiddy's Close Shave!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure you all know that I like climbing and doing crazy things.

Do you remember when Charlie and me went to London and I climbed into the mouth of one of Mr, Nelson's Lions at Trafalgar Square?

Well I found some more super cool mouths to climb in when we went to Vegas...

It was great fun posing and lots of people took photo's of me.

But sometimes it got really scary and I nearly got swallowed up...

That crocodile made us jump!

And I nearly got eat by a giant snake! Honest he was huge and he nearly ate my head...

Now that's what I call a close shave!

Back soon,

Tiddy x