Thursday, 25 August 2011

London from underneath!

Hi Everyone,

did you guess where I was?

What if I show you a bit more?

That's right, but which one?

It begings with 'W' and ends with 'loo'

I think Waterloo is a funny word and it makes me giggle when I say it.

This time I wasn't climbing on my own. Can you guess who was posing with me?

That's right! It's Charlie and me posing on Waterloo Underground Station. We went on something that looked like a train, but Mr.P called it a tube?? Look. Here's a picture of Charlie and me sitting in a tube underneath London...

How cool is that?

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Our cute winner!

Charlie here!

Do you remember, a while ago we had a competition to win Tiddy's flag? Well, here's a picture of the winner. Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Amalie and she lives in Australia! On her vest is the Welsh words for 'Welsh baby'.

Here's photo of her waving the flag. Tiddy is so excited to see his flag on the other side of the world! I think she is really pretty. I wonder if she has a teddy bear like us? Do you have a teddy? If so, we'd love to see a photo!

Tiddy has his own email address, so, if you have a photo of your teddy, please send it to 

Maybe one day we can have a special blog with lots of teddies :o)

Charlie x

Friday, 19 August 2011

Where did the Bus Stop?

Hi Everyone,

what a crazy, supertiddytastic day I've had today. It all started when Mr.P showed me a picture of our tiniest friend in Australia waving the Super Tiddy Welsh Flag her mam and dad won for her in my competition ages ago. She's 8 months old now and looks sooo cute. Then we had someone on the blog from India and I got a follower on Twitter from Singapore. But that's not all, I had my fitting for my Santa Suit, so it's been an utterly brill day.

Anyway, did you guess where the bus was taking us. I think you did,cos the clue was so easy even Mr.P would have got it. It was writen on the bus! That's right St Paul's Cathedral.

It's a really smart building, but I'm surprised they haven't got all the clocks in after 300 years!

We jumped back on the bus after seeing the Cathedral and went to a Circus!!!

What! No Clowns!!! and where's the Big Top? Picadilly Circus? Not what I'd call a circus!!! Mr.P told me it's something to do with The Romans Words. If I got it right they talked Latin and we get the word circus from the word they used for circle. I can see the idea, cos the Big Top is a circle, but what a way to let down a Tiddy. I think they should call it Picadilly Traffic Junction to avoid future dissapointment.

There's so many fantiddytastic things to see in London, but where do you think we went next? Here's another picture clue...

where am I?

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Sneak Peek!

Charlie here!

Tiddy is rushing around the house giggling, because he has his new Christmas outfit on. He is going to make some Tiddy Christmas cards, and is so excited! He asked me to put this photo on, as a sneak peek of his outfit. You'll have to wait to see it all, but he is such an  impatient bear, he couldn't wait!

Charlie x

Monday, 15 August 2011

BBQ time!

Charlie here!
When we were in France, we did a lot of cycling. Can you see us on the back of the bike? It was very windy!

As you can see, we had a special seat, so that we didn't fall off when we went over bumpy bits. Cycling makes you very hungry!

One day, I cooked a barbecue, because Tiddy said he was soooo hungry that he could eat a horse! He ate lots more than me.

We also had plenty of pop to drink. In some countries, they call pop 'soda'. I like orange but Tiddy likes lemonade. When I drink pop, the bubbles tickle my nose! Tiddy said he'd like to try to swim in pop to see if it tickles. He's a very silly bear.

Tiddy will be back soon with more news of our trip to London.

Charlie x

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tiddy goes on The Busses!

Hi Everyone,

one very excited Tiddy here. It's been a most excitiddyish day, cos we had our 1st blog viewer from Greece and 3 from Singapore!!!

Anyway, did you guess where I was from my picture clue?

That's right, on a London Routemaster Bus!
How cool is that?

They made 2,876 of these brill busses and stopped making them in 1968. Not a lot of people know that!

There were loads of people looking at me as I climbed on the bus and pretended to be a London bus conductor!

One family came to chat to me and Charlie and took our pictures. They were from America and said I was like Flat Eric, which I think is a compliment.

When the real Bus Conductor came back to work, I went up stairs with Charlie to see London from high up.

Can you see a London Bus and a London Black Cab out of the window behind us?

I had a fantabulous time riding on the coolest busses in the world!

Next time I'll show you where we got off. If you want a clue take a closer look at the bus.

Back soon,

Tiddy x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tiddy and the Big Ship!

Hi Everyone,

I'm back with more news of what we saw in London. Did you guess where I went after Trafalgar Square? I gave you the clue, that it was something to do with the Navy. Well, it was a battle ship!

 This ship is called The HMS Belfast and there are no prizes for guessing where it was built.

That's right, Belfast, in 1939, at the start of World War II, so it's 72 years old! 

I think it's funny that this ship is called a light cruiser, cos it's 10,550 ton!!! Gosh how big is a heavy one?

When it was only 3 months old, it hit a mine and was blown up! It took over 2 years to do all the work to mend it! Now not a lot of people know that!

Well, I'm glad they did mend it and the driver was more careful after, not to blow it up again. Cos I think it's an utterly fantastical thing to see in the River Thames in the middle of London.

Well I'm off now, but before I go, I'll give you a clue about my next blog. I climbed on something really cool and super specialy Londonish. Can you guess what it is from my picture?

Back soon,

Tiddy x