Sunday, 24 April 2011

What's in Dundee?

Happy Easter everyone,

hope you've all had a fantastic Easter just like Charlie and me. 'Mr.P' has been very busy today, but we've all been enjoying the lovely sunny weather and our Easter Eggs.

Anyway I'm not here to talk about the weather, I still havn't told you about the 2 special things we discovered in Dundee. Did the clues help? Well the first one "Cow pie" was for Desperate Dan who's in my favourite comic the Beano, and Dundee is the home town of the Beano, not a lot of people know that.

It wasn't only Desperate Dan who's statue was in the street. I also had my picture took next to the statue of Gnasher.

And Charlie had her Picture took by one of her favourite characters Mini the Minx.

So did you work out the Penguin clue? Actually there was another clue when I said I'd tell you what we discovered, because we discovered The Discovery. Dundee is known as the City of Discovery because Scot of the Antartic's (where the penguins live) ship HMS Discovery was built in Dundee and is still there for everyone to see.

Look what we've discovered.

Well, bye for now, Charlie will be in touch soon to tell you about our day out with Royal Wedding connections.
She's a girl so she likes all that stuff.

Tiddy x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Further North where the Cakes come from.

Hi Everyone!

it's Tiddy this time and I get to tell you about our Day in Dundee. Yes that's right Dundee, where the cakes with nuts on top come from. We didn't get to taste any cake on our visit, but we did have a nice cuppa in a very nice place called Lloyds Bar
(I think that's a posh name for Wetherspoons)

There were loads of shops, but I was all spent out after buying my 'Super Scotish' outfit. I wasn't bored though, because there were loads of really interesting things around the town.

'Mrs.C' thought that the fountain was a lovely place for a photo, but 'Mr.P' wasn't so sure when I thought it could be a good place for a swim.

There were some really cool things along the streets. One of the things I liked was a dragon made of metal. He was really big but we weren't scared.

Another thing I liked was the Brass Monkey on the notice board. I thought it was really funny how he'd messed up all the letters to make a strange word. I'd like to do that. Can you tell what it should spell?

Well I've got to go now but there's two more utterly brilliant things we found in Dundee. I can't tell you now but I'll give you a clue for each of them. The one clue is Cow Pie and the other is this picture.

One of us will be back soon to finish the Day of Discoveries in Dundee.


Tiddy x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Charlie here!
When we were in Glasgow, I did a bit of window shopping. There were lots of shops with pretty things in. Look at this golden handbag!

 I love the bright colour on this flower. It wasn't a real flower, and it wasn't for sale. It was just to make the window look pretty. I decided not to spend my money in the shop, as I like to save up. One day, I hope I will be able to afford something really special, but I won't if I spend all my money. It is good to save. 

We stayed at Glasgow so long that it started to get dark. The lights came on and made everything look twinkly. It felt a bit like Christmas. Can you see the traffic light behind us?

On our way back to the car, we met up with Michael and Ricky. They love teddies, and wanted to be on our blog, so Mr P said it would be Ok to have a photo taken with us. As Mr P used his moblie phone, the photo wasn't very clear, but I thought it would be a good idea to put it on here anyway, as I wanted our friends to be as famous as us.

I wonder if we'll get some famous people to have their photos taken with Tiddy and me to go on the blog. If you know anyone famous, ask them if they'd like to be on our blog. I'm sure Tiddy would love to meet a 'superstar' !

Charlie x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What Tiddy Bought!

Hi Everyone,

it's me again, and I'm so excited because we have reached the bit in our adventure up north where I went shopping. It was a dry, but windy day when we arrived in the city of Glasgow. 'Mrs.C' parked the car at the top of a very steep hill and 'Mr.P' gave the handbreak an extra pull just incase.

We walked and walked and walked all around the city looking for somewhere to buy what I was after. There were shops selling them but they were all too big. As we walked we saw loads of interesting buildings, but nowhere that sold what I wanted.

We walked all the way down Sauchiehall Street and back up again, but still couldn't find what we were looking for. Then 'Mrs.C' said we should go into the big shopping centre, because it was starting to get dark. 

And that's where we found it, after going up and down the escalators and walking passed hundreds of shops we found the one we were looking for The Build A Bear Workshop! And they had what I wanted in the perfect size.

At last, I got to dress up! Charlie looked so smart on St. Davids Day, but now I looked Fandabbydosie! I'm not saying I looked better than Charlie, but I did feel really cool, but that was probably the kilt. 'Mr.P' said that we both looked very smart, but what do you think? Go on leave a comment on our blog and tell us.

We love telling you all about our adventures, but it's brilliant to hear from you too. So go on make our day and tell us what you think.

Tiddy x

Monday, 4 April 2011

Gretna Green.

Charlie here!

Taking a break!
Just as we got to Scotland, we saw a sign saying Gretna Green. I had heard of this, so we took a little detour off the motorway to check it out. It only took a few minutes and we were there. 

Can you see us stood by the grass? It made us feel very small and it was very scary when a big lorry drove past us on the road.  Roads are very dangerous, so we were very careful not to step off the pavement.

We are a bit closer in this photo, so it may be easier to see us. We wandered around for a bit, hoping to see a beautiful bride, but there wasn't a wedding. Did you know that 1 in 6 weddings in Scotland are at  Gretna green?

In 1753, a very long time ago, a law was made to stop people getting married till they were 21. Some people didn't want to wait that long, so they would run away to Scotland, where they could get married at 14 if they were a boy, and 12 if they were a girl!

Did you see on the photos how sunny it was? I like the sun, it makes me happy :o)

Tiddy got bored of waiting to see a bride, and went exploring. He found this statue of Robbie Burns, a famous poet and song writer. He wrote the song Auld Lang Syne.  I know that song!

So, we are now in Scotland. How exciting! Tiddy will tell you all about  our trip to Glasgow next.

Charlie x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Flags Away!

Hi Everyone,

Don't think I'll fit
 I'm really so excited, because 'Mr. P' took me down the Post Office in town today to post my flag to Australia. I had a great time in the post office, where I measured myself to see if I could fit in a letter. I did this to prove to Charlie that it wasn't silly to try and post myself. On second thoughts though, maybe she was right.

I love exploring
new places
We had to wait in the queue for ages, but I was having a great time. Without Charlie keeping an eye on me, I was free to explore.

The Post Office is a brilliant place to climb, as long as the postman doesn't see you.

Next stop Australia!
I think it's absolutely brilliant that I can put my parcel in the post box in Bargoed and it will go all the way to my little friend's house in Australia.

My parcel is going by Airmail. The 1st airmail to Australia started in July 1938, not many people know that.

Look! I'm climbing the
royal drain pipe.
Another thing 'Mr P' told me that not a lot of people know, is why it's called the Royal Mail. It's because King Charles I allowed the public to use his 'Royal Mail' in 1635. Then Mr. Cromwell chopped his head off and started the 'General Post Office' in 1657. Then when Mr Cromwell was dead, they made a new king called Charles II and he said the General Post Office could run the Royal Mail.

See I told you not a lot of people knew that.

I'll be back very soon to show you what I bought on our trip up North...

Tiddy x